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In Search of Lost Home

I am a blend of cultures and a state-less soul. In this project I embarked on a search for what is home. When examining my connection with place and revisiting places where I lived, I faced the camera’s limitations. It became a tool for recognising visual codes, of what is familiar.

In the installation of this project I invite the viewer to enter my nomadic world in an immersive space, and in a Proustian fashion, meditate in the valley of emotions that lie between perception and memory. My personal archive of photographs remains the only evidence of my story.

The installation of this project at Ambika P3, London in August 2017 can be seen in the time-lapse videos bellow. A triptych of photographs from my personal archive were included as a physical object in the installation. For this triptych I also created a Zine that can be seen in a time-lapse videos bellow. 

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