Hi, my name is Luar. It's a Brazilian name that means moonlight. I am a filmmaker, photographer and global soul. I was born to creative and nomadic parents who took me with them on their adventures around the world.

We lived in Brazil, Spain, Israel and Portugal and repeatedly travelled to Italy throughout my life, while my various homes were filled with African, Brazilian and Caribbean art and music. All of these places (and a few others) shaped me growing up. My life was coloured by hedonism and chats with all sort of passionate, creative characters. 

Since then I lived in Paris and then moved to London where I am currently based. Many projects (a selection of which you can see on this website) and a couple of degrees later, I continue fulfilling my life with international artistic flares. I have also published written articles and taught filmmaking to teenagers in Oxford. Most recently, I founded PARALLEL, a new digital platform about artists. 

The baby in this photo is me at age 1, regrettably I don't look like that anymore. To find out more about me now, request a CV or enquire about my availability, please get in touch.

Luar Klinghofer Bar Dov