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Hi, my name is Luar. It's a Brazilian name that means moonlight. I was born to creative and nomadic parents who took me with them on their adventures around the world. So if you ask me where I'm from, I don't know how to answer. We lived in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Israel and traveled constantly throughout my life. My various homes were filled with African, Brazilian and Caribbean art and music. All of these places and my heritage shaped me growing up. 

Since I can remember myself I had a camera in my hands. Being able to document my surroundings was an important part of establishing my sense of identity and belonging and that never changed. I started my filmmaking journey at 13 in the local TV channel of the town I lived in. At 17 I moved to Paris for film school and at 20 to London to pursue the industry and beyond. I worked on a couple of feature films and at 22 I started teaching filmmaking in Oxford to teens. That same year I became the editor of a documentary feature and that was when I discovered my passion for documentary storytelling.


Alongside freelancing and working on countless diverse multimedia content across digital channels worldwide, mostly as an editor, self-shooting director and photographer, I ended up doing a Masters in Documentary Photography & Photojournalism and founded PARALLEL, a video production company making documentaries that inspire creativity through real life experiences.

Most recently, I have worked as a creator of behind-the-scenes content for new original NETFLIX productions.

My favourite thing in the world is using my skills and the power of storytelling to engage and share authentic stories that shift perspectives, open minds and promote diversity, humanity, creativity and freedom. There's no better feeling than knowing that my work has positively-impacted even one person.

This is just a little bit about me. To find out more, request a CV or inquire about my availability, please get in touch.

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