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Screens: Dis/connect

Screens are now everywhere and through them we connect to, and disconnect from, the world around us. Whether it is Youtube or the increasing popularity of Netflix and on-demand TV or a social phenomenon of binge watching that is at its climax with the auto-play function, this generation is at a place where ‘real’, ‘tactile’ life is screens, and disconnecting from the rest is easier than ever. Virtual-reality technology is quickly creeping into popular culture, and, I imagine, will very quickly take over the way we experience watching, not only fiction but more importantly documentary narratives. 

Shot on 35mm film to evoke a sense of nostalgia, this project proposes to reflect on this moment in time from the perspective of the future and consider the implications of our norms in the digital era that we are facing today. How will we remember this moment in time when it is in the past? 

This project was created as part of my work for the publication Dis/connect. Dis/connect is a photographic independent magazine created by Anya Sandul, Tamuna Chkareuli, Rachel Gover and myself. It deals with the emotions that result from the political and environmental atmosphere of our time, speaking to a young individual who faces disconnection in the globalized society of our present.

The magazine can be seen in full here (all rights reserved):

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