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A series of photographs focusing on the youth at the 2017 World-Pride Parade on the 1st of July in Madrid. The common age of coming out of the closet is becoming younger every year, and this shows both the progress of the community’s activism and efforts but in the same time emphasises the importance and fragility of the continuous fight for the community’s rights- worldwide. 
Madrid celebrated this year EuroPride and WorldPride and was the first city to host both celebrations in the same time (over two weeks). Despite the estimate of 1 million people the parade had a relaxed, down-to-earth, family friendly vibe. The march was a confident one, of a modest, yet unashamed pride. The crowd was celebrating, happy, it was projecting a sense of spiritual freedom.
Whether they were there to empathies and support an ideal or for personal reasons, this youth is more exposed and more aware than ever before, their minds are open to possibilities that previous generations never dreamt of at their age. However, their naivety is inevitable, and that is simultaneously beautiful and worrying. The slogan for the parade was “We march for those who can't” and this echoes the lasting struggle of the community, despite its apparent success in some countries. As the memory of a struggle becomes foggier and sometimes inexistent to this youth, it will be in their hands to remember to be a voice for those who can't.

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